5 Small Space Strategies Everyone Should Use

Here are 5 small spaces strategies everyone should see; from Apartment Therapy Lots of small space strategies are about so much more than just making it work in an itty bitty box; they’re smart ideas that everyone can use in any space. Try these on for size. Reduce clutter Roll your eyes all you want, […]

7 Stylish Ways to Spruce Up Your Staircase

Check out these 7 stylish ways to spruce up your staircase; from Apartment Therapy Whatever happened to the days of grandiose staircases? You know, the ones with multiple landings with a lavish chandelier hanging in the middle à la “Dynasty” or “Clueless.” Today, it often feels like staircases are less of a statement and more […]

10 Colors to Complement Yellow

Check out these 10 ideas of colors to complement yellow; from Apartment Therapy Even if you think yellow is a beautiful color, you may be confused about how to use it in your home. Many people don’t use yellow to decorate an entire room and instead use it as an accent choice, since it’s perfect […]

How to Decorate Your Home to Promote Mindfulness

Check out these 7 ideas to decorate your home to promote mindfulness; from Apartment Therapy Being in the moment and at ease is tough, even within your own walls. But there’s really no place like home for mindfulness, which is why we rounded up a few tips and product picks to help you feel more […]

7 Ways to Completely Rethink Your Window Sills

Here are 7 ways to completely re-think your window sills, from Apartment Therapy: Windows sills aren’t smack dab in the middle of a room, but they are still prime real estate. Don’t overlook the opportunity to do more with this seemingly small and narrow space. These seven project ideas not only expand the sill’s usefulness, they […]

8 Cheap and Easy DIY Art Ideas That’ll Refresh Your Tired Old Walls

Here are 8 cheap and easy DIY art ideas that will refresh your tired old walls, from Apartment Therapy: How’s your living room looking right now? I’ll be honest. I haven’t added anything to my walls in YEARS, and it’s feeling a little less-than-stellar lately. They are blank spots, along with things I’m just plain tired […]