5 DIY Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Many brides give their bridesmaids a gift, a token of gratitude for playing their part in the big day.  However, considering the cost of weddings these days, it’s hard to pony up a ton of dough to buy expensive gifts for everyone involved in your wedding. Handmade gifts are the best way to give your […]

The Best Tips For Trimming Your Guest List

Being one of the most important days (if not the most important day) of your life, it is a given that you will want to have your nearest and dearest present on your wedding day to share smiles, laughs, and even some tears of joy. More likely than not, you will invite your closest family members and […]


While there are traditional roles for your wedding party to fulfill, we suggest that you focus on the qualities of your family and friends. Think about what each person close to you is good at; what he or she cares most about, and how he or she could help you on your wedding day. Then, […]

What logistics should you consider for a seated bridal party?

Have you ever thought about your wedding hey, I’d really like our bridal party to sit the heck down. It’s not as though they lose recognition (they still walk down the aisle). It just seems sensible for them to sit.  Bridal parties absolutely sit down — sometimes it’s a religious preference, sometimes it’s an accessibility/disability […]