This Margot Robbie Makeup Tutorial is Spot-On

Check out this Margot Robbie Makeup Tutorial, from MakeupTutorials:  Ladies, I’ve got a Margot Robbie makeup tutorial to share! It’s quick, super simple, and it’ll leave you absolutely smoking! Try this Margot Robbie Makeup Look For A Natural Celebrity Look I’ve been a fan of Margot Robbie makeup ever since I saw her on Wolf of […]

DIY Bridal Makeup Ideas — Infographic


To help you enhance your looks and confidence on your wedding day, we like to feature as many posts as we can that offer wedding makeup inspiration.   Most popular are DIY bridal makeup ideas, such as how to contour and highlight  and how to get smoldering smoky eyes. Today for your consideration we have a fabulous infographic of DIY […]


From oncewed: We’re so thrilled to share this absolutely gorgeous tutorial from Amy Clarke today. She has made it so easy for you to recreate this sexy, yet understated, smoldering smoky eye on your own. Smoldering Smoky Eyes   1. Prep the whole eyelid and under eye with either a concealer or eyeshadow primer. I used […]


Here is a fabulous makeup tutorial by Los Angeles-based makeup artist Amy Clarke, from oncewed: The internet has become inundated with makeup tutorials, especially since the advent of Pinterest, but there is something special about Los Angeles based makeup artist Amy Clarke’s work that makes it stand out amongst the others floating around the web. It’s always such […]

Eyebrow Shaping: Expert DIY Tips From Joey Healy

Well-groomed eyebrows help to flatter your facial shape, balance your features and frame your eyes.   New York City-based eyebrow stylist Joey Healy says that the right arch for your face can do more than make you look like a star. “Good eyebrows make you look younger, fresher, better rested, sexier and more feminine, just […]

Makeup Tutorial: How to Contour Your Face

If you were blessed with naturally chiseled cheekbones and a structured jawline, then lucky you. But for those who need a little sculpting in that department, let this step-by-step map be your guide on contouring like a pro. Makeup artist Lauren Cosenza shows and tells us how it’s done. 1. Prep your face with two shades of […]