Cute Girls Choice: Short Haircuts

Check out the cute girls choice: short haircuts, from Short-Haircut:  The early teenage years are a beautiful period where you begin to realize who you are and what you want in terms of fashion. Short haircut looks for girls are a beautiful way you can express yourself as a teenage girl. Short haircut is a perfect way you can […]

30 Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Here are 30 short haircuts for round faces, from Short-Haircut:  Do you have a round face? Well, you must be so troubled finding the right hairstyle to fit your type of face. Don’t worry we got a solution for you. This is is going to be ideal for you since a round face always requires haircuts […]

25 Gorgeous Pixie Cut Hairstyles You Must See

Here are 25 gorgeous pixie cut hairstyles you must see, from Short Haircuts: Looking for a stylish pixie cut? We represent you the best images of 25 Gorgeous Pixie Cut Styles You Must See, take a look at our gallery and be inspired! 1. Medium Pixie Cut Pixie cuts with wispy bangs and spiky style is […]

20 Celebs with Signature Short Hairstyles

Check out these 20 celebrities with signature short hairstyles, from Short Haircut: Many celebrities sport short hairstyles and they have some significant short haircuts identified with them. We can say that celebrity hairstyles create some of the hair trends too! So here in this post we have gathered the images ofCelebs with Signature Short Hairstyles […]

15 Captivating Celebrities with Short Blonde Hair

We don’t know if the over-worked phrase ‘blondes have more fun’ is true or not, but we are certain that blonde hairstyles are without a doubt striking in their appeal. The variety of shades of blonde covers the entire spectrum, from dark blonde to the classic honey and caramel blonde to dazzling gold and sparkling […]

How to Get Perfect Wedding Highlights: Expert Tips From Rita Hazan


How many wedding highlights are too many wedding highlights? While lighter hair looks perfectly golden against a white gown, if you spend too many hours in the colorist’s chair you could end up with damage, breakage, or straw-like strands. We asked celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, who has worked her magic on the heads of celebs like […]