Get Ideas to Look Like a Minimalist Bride

To convey simplicity at your wedding without losing elegance you just have to take inspiration to see yourself as a minimalist bride and you will be right. Although minimalism is a movement, within this current many beautiful ideas have developed. Among them are wedding dresses that can definitely be worn by women who don’t identify […]


We love to see how minimalism becomes more than a current lifestyle, influences and modernizes fashion, getting more and more women and even men, to adopt it. Especially for girls, the issue of beauty has always been a stereotype imposed by society in which the woman should wear the fingernails and feet, super impeccable, otherwise […]

How to make a Minimalist Wedding look good

If you are in the process of preparing and planning your wedding, we have appeared at the right time to inspire you. The minimalist current has been getting bigger and bigger and we are really glad about it. The philosophy of those who adopt this style is basically to acquire with them what they add […]

Fine Line Tattoo Ideas For The Inner Minimalist

Check out these fine line tattoo ideas for your inner minimalist; from Elle Australia If you subscribe to the minimalist mantra of ‘less is more’, you’re going to love the new tattoo trend taking over Instagram: line tattoos. From continuous one-line designs of feminine silhouettes and abstract faces, to delicate floral work, there’s something for […]