Single Continuous Line to Create Striking Minimalist Tattoos

Check out how this new artist uses single continuous line to create striking minimalist tattoos; from The Ultra Linx When it comes to a unique style of tattooing, Berlin-based artist Mo Ganji is pretty much top of the pile. We’ve covered him before, showing you some of his interesting one-line designs, and now he’s back with more […]

Fine Line Tattoo Ideas For The Inner Minimalist

Check out these fine line tattoo ideas for your inner minimalist; from Elle Australia If you subscribe to the minimalist mantra of ‘less is more’, you’re going to love the new tattoo trend taking over Instagram: line tattoos. From continuous one-line designs of feminine silhouettes and abstract faces, to delicate floral work, there’s something for […]


Check out these 18 minimalist tattoo designs; from Glaminati A minimalist tattoo is basically a tiny design that does not draw attention much to itself. Many people choose to get such tattoo designs because they can be easily hidden, altered, and even removed if necessary. In case you consider getting a small tattoo, here are […]

10 Beautiful Minimalist and Tiny Tattoos

Here are 10 minimalist tattoos; from Stylist If you’re on this gallery, chances are a tattoo has been sitting on your wishlist for quite some time. With the stereotype that surrounds tattooing, you might have been put off by garish and bold designs or not have been able to find something that truly represents you. Well, a new […]