Zebra Print Nails To Let Your Inner Animal Out

Here are some zebra print nails to let your inner animal out, from Nail Designs Journal: Animal print nails have been in fashion for a while now. However, there are some most common patterns while there are some that are somehow left out. Zebra print nails are pretty much underestimated even though the zebra pattern is […]

The Crazy New Pom-Pom Nail Trend

One of the most creative nail art trends ever is now officially a thing. Apparently originating in South Korea, pom-pom nail art involves sticking fuzzy little pom-pom balls to the nails in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes for a look that is creative and fun. Check out these crazy new pom-pom nail manicures, from […]

8 Romantic Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Here are 8 romantic Valentine’s Day nail art designs, from All For Fashion Design: For the most romantic day All For Fashion Design want to suggest you to make some most romantic changes for your nails. Painted with the colors of the Valentine’s day you will definitely like it and will be happy. Enjoy! source […]