Small Items You Need For A Huge Nautical Wedding

Choosing the theme of your wedding is almost as important as the wedding itself. If you live in a seaside area, it is likely that the idea of a nautical wedding has roamed your head a couple of times, but we are here to tell you that it is not necessary to live by the sea to […]

Summer Weddings: 15 Shipshape Nautical Wedding Ideas

With just about 35 % of all weddings taking place in June, July or August, Summer is peak wedding season. But while the warm and sunny weather means you can have an outdoor affair, there are some challenges to getting married during the Summer season, as we pointed out in Secrets to Planning a Summer Wedding.   […]

Nautical Wedding with Pink and Magenta Accents

Fear not little wedding birds, we’ve got a few ounces of summer left and we’re delivering it to you with a nautical flair. So, let’s take a short ride to the Golden State of California to enjoy the gorgeous weather, compliments of San Luis Obispo County, for these very charming ocean seaside nuptials at Cliffs […]