Alternative Wedding Cakes: Our Definitive Guide to Cakes With a Difference

Here are some Alternative Wedding Cakes: Our Definitive Guide to Cakes With a Difference, from Confetti, If you’re eschewing conventional wedding traditions, for example choosing to walk yourself down the aisle or opting to spend the night before your wedding with your partner, chances are you might also be in the market for an alternative […]

Cheese Wedding Cakes: 10 Savoury Samples

Check out these Cheese Wedding Cakes: 10 Savoury Samples, from Confetti, If you’re having a rustic wedding, a cheese wedding cake is an essential – but if you have a sweet tooth, don’t panic, you could always serve it alongside one of these beautiful naked wedding cakes. Lucky for us they are growing in popularity […]

20 Creative Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Ideas

Here are 20 creative topsy turvy wedding cake ideas, from Weddingomania: When it comes to selecting a wedding cake you can go the traditional route with a wedding cake featuring piping and flowers, such as these trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspiredor these wedding cakes with creative designs. However if you prefer a […]

10 Unexpected Wedding Cake Ideas

As you embark on your wedding planning, we are sure that you are finding that there are plenty of choices available when it comes to what type of wedding cake or wedding dessert to have. One of the ways to distinguish your wedding and make it truly stand out is with your choice of wedding […]

24 Delicious And Beautiful Boho Chic Wedding Cakes

The sophistication, elegance and class of boho style is becoming more and more popular as a wedding style choice. From bohemian wedding dresses, and bohemian wedding adornments, to bohemian glamour on your honeymoon, such as ethereal sheer white dresses, flirty sheer fabrics of chiffon, organza or delicate lace, boho wedding style can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding. You can […]

Non-Traditional Wedding Cake & Wedding Dessert Ideas

If you’re not the type of bride to get excited by the traditional round, 2 or 3-tier white wedding cake, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternative ideas that you can choose from and still have an amazing wedding cake for you and your guests to enjoy. Cupcakes One of the most popular options for […]