The Importance of Wedding Inspiration Boards

A great place to start when planning your wedding is with an inspiration board. What is an inspiration board? Well, its basically one image, with several images within it, that wraps your dream wedding up into one neat little package. Why is having one important? It’s something to show your wedding planner to give him or her a direction […]


Here are some tips for making your own wedding flowers: 1. Be flexible. If you can’t chill out and improvise, maybe DIY isn’t a good option for your flowers. They probably won’t turn out exactly like the photo you saved from Pinterest, but they’ll be special and beautiful and you’ll have fun making them with people […]

Groom Makes Fiancee’s ‘Dream Wedding’ Pinterest Board a Reality

Can you imagine getting engaged and married all in the same day? This groom has raised the bar for proposals by planning his lucky lady’s dream wedding day using only her Pinterest board as a guide—and popping the question that very day. Watch the super sweet and tear-jerking video, here. — Mashable.