This June, Show Your Pride!

Have you ever wondered why June is the LGBT pride month? Do we celebrate or do we commemorate something? What’s its real meaning? Every year around the world, June becomes the most colorful month, full of activities, which demand the equality of rights for the LGBT community. You just have to look back to U.S. […]

Get the perfect Pride Day makeup, for this June!

Ready to celebrate the pride day this month? This is the perfect month to take out your colorful and exotic accessories to commemorate this month with the maximum of styles. It is the perfect time to honor the 50 long years of the LGBTQ community, visualizing the free expression and rights of all equally. Something […]


If you planned with your partner to celebrate your wedding this June, you should do it in a big way like a wedding pride. We wanted to create a small gallery of details that will make your pride wedding perfect. From the cake to the rings .. a combination of spectacular colours! PRIDE WEDDING CAKE […]