11 Red Nail Designs to Wear on Summer

11 Red Nail Designs to Wear on Summer

Check out these 11 red nail designs to wear on summer; from Stay Glam 1. BRIGHT RED NAILS WITH GEMS Here you have a red look that features stunning gems. The nails are short and matte red with two sparkling accent nails. We love this idea because the rhinestones are colorful which really glams up […]

10 Pretty Ways to Wear Red Nails

Check out these 10 pretty ways to wear red nails; from Stay Glam Red is a popular color in fashion, beauty and nails. Not only does this color look bold and beautiful, but red has special meanings too. Red can symbolize love, strength, passion and more. You can use red to suit any mood! We […]

Striking Red Nails Designs for all Types of Women

Red nails designs are classic manicures. This color always looks stunning, makes your hands look more feminine and even professional when necessary. It’s a color for all kinds of women, from college girls to career women to stay at home moms. A striking red nails manicure is for every one! We have found 10 options […]