Who Usually Gives Toasts at the Rehearsal Dinner?

Wondering who should give a toast at your rehearsal dinner? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your rehearsal dinner questions in our daily post. Who usually gives toasts at the rehearsal dinner? Toasts are often the most memorable part of the rehearsal dinner, and unlike at the wedding reception, where the toasting order is planned in advance, rehearsal-dinner […]

Unique Wedding Budget Ideas For The Groom

Brides have gotten fairly good at finding affordable alternatives to pricey wedding ideas. From cutting back on food to using wholesale stores for decor, the wedding budget has become a much easier task. One of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding, though, could use some work. When it comes to the groom, many people […]

What a Rehearsal Dinner Really Costs—and How to Pick the Theme

The costs for planning your wedding includes more than just those for the day of: You have to take into account everything you might need for your bridal party, your bridal shower and bachelorette party, and, of course, your rehearsal dinner. So how much should you shell out for the night before your big night? The average cost of a […]

How to Be the Greatest Best Man

Being asked to be the best man in a wedding is a great honor. It shows that your friend or family member holds your relationship in great esteem. You’ve been his go-to guy in life; now he needs you to be his point person during the planning process of the major step he is taking […]

The Etiquette of Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

The Rehearsal The wedding rehearsal is a practice of the ceremony from beginning to end, allowing everybody involved to feel more confident about what will happen the next day. Anyone who plays a role in the ceremony should attend. This includes the officiant, the wedding party, readers, and parents. Walk through the ceremony, establishing the […]

Fun Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Activities

Yes, your rehearsal dinner is the time to perfect the all-important wedding march, but who says you can’t have fun afterwards? Why stick to a stuffy, done-before dinner when you can use the opportunity to really show your bridal party a good time? They have been by your side throughout your entire wedding journey and […]