9 Things Bridesmaids Don’t Realize Annoy the Bride


From POPSUGAR: Whether you’re a first-time bridesmaid this wedding season or have 27 dresses hanging up in the back of your closet, it’s good to keep in mind bridal party faux pas. So we chatted with real brides to find out their pet peeves. Here are nine things you didn’t realize were annoying the bride in your […]

How To NOT Piss Off Your Bridesmaids – Advice From A Bride Who Did It All Wrong

From She Finds: I’m getting married in May and despite having written for two bridal publications, I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, especially regarding the treatment of my bridesmaids. Like many brides, I thought picking a flattering bridesmaid dress and giving my ‘maids a robe or a piece of jewelry the day before the wedding was […]

The 4 Things A Bride Should Absolutely Never Ask Of Her Bridesmaids

Asking your bridesmaids to stand beside you on your special day is a big deal, and it goes without saying that it’s important to choose wisely! The best friends and/or family members you choose to include in your bridal party will be with you from the start to finish of your wedding planning whirlwind, and […]