How To Combine Your Gown For A Same-Sex Wedding

While each couple gives more or less relevance to the elements of their wedding, there is no doubt that everyone wants to look amazing. Therefore, we tell you how to combine wedding dresses at a same-sex wedding. Even today there are people who still believe that in a wedding between two women one dresses in […]

6 Destinations To Celebrate Your Same-Sex Wedding

Same-sex weddings have become more accepted worldwide. To this date there are almost 30 countries united under the same flag of love and acceptance, respect and human rights equality. South Africa (2006) Argentina (2010) Brazil (2013) Colombia (2016) Mexico (In some of its states) Ecuador (2019) Canada (2005) United States (2015) Germany (2017) Austria (2019) […]

One Couple’s Rustic Riverfront Wedding in Colorado

Check out this One Couple’s Rustic Riverfront Wedding in Colorado, from Brides, Roz Vara and Lauren Good’s first date didn’t actually happen. In June of 2015, the two women met on Tinder and had planned to meet up for a beer. “Lauren bailed at the last minute, saying she was going skiing for the last […]

Small And Intimate Mexican Restaurant Wedding

Check this Small And Intimate Mexican Restaurant Wedding, from Weddingomania, This stylish and simple wedding took part in a Mexican restaurant and showed that even having a low-key and intimate wedding, you’ll have your guests totally happy and inspired. The couple, Griffin and Philip, only wanted to include guests that were meaningful to them who […]