Why Having Short Hair will Always be a Good Idea

Once again, we want to show you what your perfect look could be to start a new stage, process or season. We are going to tire of saying that short hair, besides being a trend of recent months, is your best option. You will almost completely eliminate the need to use a towel, dryer or […]


Check out these 30 best french braid short hair ideas 2019; from Short Haircut Hair braids can often be applied easily to long hair as we know. Because there should be enough hair for the braid (if we don’t talk about dreads). However, short hair braids samples are also quite varied and increasing day by […]

23 Quick and Easy Braids for Short Hair

Here are 23 Quick and Easy Braids for Short Hair, from Stay Glam, When considering a trendy short cut, it may cross your mind about styling your new hair. You may wonder can I still have beautiful curls or stylish braids? We are here to say you absolutely can! There are so many stunning ways […]

10 Ideas For How to Make your Current Short Hair Look Different

This is a special for all short hair girls! Have you become bored with your current short hair look? I’m sure that at some point you have thought that it is time to change your hairstyle look. Whether your hair is long or short you probably are always thinking about changing your hairstyle. Today we […]

14 Easy Ways to Hairstyle your Short Hair

Here are 14 ideas to hairstyle your short hair; from Short Haircut Each hairstyle has its characteristics and it can be worn as per the needs of an individual. There are so many cute hairstyles you can try this summer and enjoy them. We offer you to explore our list of Cute And Easy Hairstyles […]

12 Chic & Sexy Short Hair Ideas

Today we present 12 chic and sexy short hair ideas, from Short-Haircut:  Short hairstyles can be so modern and sexy that you can look really stylish with a proper short haircut. If you want to chop off your hair to adopt new short haircut you can get some inspiration from our gallery below: 1. Pixie with Bangs Source […]