Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2019

Here are the Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2019, from Glaminati, Every lady knows what a smokey eye look is that is for sure. However, not all of you may know that this look dates as far back as to Ancient Egypt, so it safe to say that Egyptians invented this sassy look. Truth be […]

10 Hottest Eye Makeup Looks – Makeup Trends

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15 Step-By-Step Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Here are 15 step-by-step smoky eye makeup tutorials for beginners, from Styles Weekly: A smoky eye is a must in any girl’s makeup repertoire, it’s simply essential to be able to work a smoky eye at short notice, with a range of different colours. We’ve gathered some of our favourite smoky eye looks in one […]

Top 10 Makeup Looks Every Woman Should Try Out

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8 Alluring Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

Just as you select different outfits for different occasions, you also want to choose the right makeup for different occasions. Whether it’s for a day at the office, shopping with friends or a night on the town your makeup choice should be appropriate for the situation or event. So today we present these 8 alluring […]

17 Best Light Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Summer

Smoldering, smoky eyes can completely transform your look by adding that aura of mystery and sophistication that is especially appealing for nighttime events. And you don’t have to be a makeup professional to  create the dramatic sophisticated smoky eye look. We presented an easy way for you to recreate this sexy, yet understated, smoldering smoky eye on […]