10 Accessories That Will Amp Up Your Summer Style

Here you have 10 accessories that will amp you your summer style; from Society 19 Achieving the perfect summer style just got so much easier. You don’t need to spend all of your paychecks on new clothes to really perfect the summer trends this year. Accessorizing your outfits right can save you tons of cash […]

10 Summer Earrings You Should Wear At The Beach

Check out these 10 summer earrings you should wear at the beach; from Society 19 Choosing the best summer earrings that you can wear at the beach can be a challenge, as you work to balance practicality and style! Here’s a list of some of my top picks to make you stand out at the […]

10 Types Of Sunglasses That Will Complete Any Look This Summer

Here you have 10 type of sunglasses that’ll complete any look this summer; from Society 19 Oh, how I love the summer for so many things (this includes sunglasses, and we’ll get to that very soon!). Of everything that the summer season is good for (ie. Cocktails, patio dinners, NO SNOW, longer days, SUN, WARM […]

10 Summer Accessories That Will Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Check out these 10 summer accessories that will brighten your wardrobe; from Society 19 Summer accessories are a great way to transition your wardrobe from winter into summer or refresh your summer staples from last year. You’ll be amazed at how different your outfit looks when you just add the right accessories, especially when they […]

6 Summer Accessories All the Style Stars Such As Kylie Jenner Are Wearing


Here are 6 summer accessories all the style stars such as Kylie Jenner are wearing,  from Glam Radar: Accessories are a quintessential part of any look. An outfit can be transformed from drab to fab with just the addition of the right accessories. Accessories are what can make or break your look and while they […]