10 Super Stylish Sandals for Women

Here are 10 super stylish sandals for women, from Styles Weekly:  The sun is starting to tease us and one thing is undeniable as of late; Spring is just around the corner. After Spring comes Summer, which means your wardrobe simply has to change. As we embrace warmer weather, it’s also time for us to embrace […]

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Check out these top 10 fashion trends for summer 2017, from Top Inspired: New summer, new trends! Some are repeating from last year, but are a little bit of changed, while others are completely new – waist cinchers have never been so popular when it comes to street style, weren’t they? This year’s trends require experimenting […]

10 Fashion Pieces You Must Have This Summer

Here are 10 fashion pieces you must have for this summer, from Top Inspired:  Summer season is the perfect opportunity to combine fashion and the bronze tan which you will achieve while you are on vacation. When it is summer season light colors are always in. Light in a combination with neon and intense colors are […]

5 Ways to Show Skin without Looking Scandalous

Here are 5 ways to show skin without looking scandalous, from Glam Radar: Summer is the perfect and justified reason to show some skin, which will make your warm-weather outfits stylish and functional. Whether you’re heading to the summer weddings, garden parties, or dinner dates, keep on reading for our 5 ways to show skin […]

16 Beautiful Maxi Skirt Outfits for Summer

Here are 16 beautiful maxi skirt outfits for summer, from Styles Weekly: The long maxi skirts are fashionable to wear in summer and they can also prevent you from the harmful sun rays. Whenever you wear your maxi skirts or dresses, you will become more feminine. In today’s post, we would like to show you […]

6 Hot Swimsuits for Summer

Here are 6 hot swimsuits for summer, from Glam Radar: Summer is right around the corner, so it is but understandable if you hoard swimsuits right now. Be the center of attention – whether you’re at the pool or at the beach – with these hot swimsuits for summer. 1. Mix and Match Sets Do […]