5 Tips on How to Achieve a Perfect Full-Face Summer Glow Makeup Look

Here are 5 tips on how to achieve a perfect full-face summer glow makeup look, from Styles Weekly: Summer is a time full of tans and sunshine. Endless sunny summer days are the perfect time to try out a full-face glow look that makes your skin glisten like the setting summer sun. Summer is an […]

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow


Check out these 5 tips on how to pull off colorful eyeshadow, from Styles Weekly: Colorful¬†eyeshadow makes a dramatic beauty statement. Brightly colored eyelids can be beautiful and you can create countless gorgeous looks with colorful eyeshadow. You have an entire rainbow of possibilities at your disposal, which is an exciting prospect for courageous beauty […]

2016 Spring / Summer Makeup Trends


Here are some 2016 spring/summer makeup trends, from Fashion Trend Seeker: 2016 Spring / Summer Makeup Trends. While winter is typically a great time to go bolder when it comes to the makeup world, spring is ideal for going a tad more natural. Lighter hues when it comes to lipstick and eyeshadow with light weight […]

Top Makeup, Hair and Accessories You Need for a Summer Wedding


¬† You want your wedding day look to feature you at your very best when it comes to your hair, makeup and accessories. What bride doesn’t want gorgeous, glowing skin, flush cheeks and flawless makeup with no puffiness or spots in sight as well as stylish wedding day hair? And if you are having a […]