Trendy Summer Nails Designs that You Should Try

For summer we always prepare our best outfits and swimsuits that make us look amazing. But we can not forget something important to complete our summer look – our nails! This summer we have lots of ideas and colors that you can combine to create some very colorful and personalized nail designs. The vibrant colors, […]

4 Fashionable Manicure Trends for Summer

Here are 4 fashionable manicure trends for summer, from Styles Weekly:Just like most women, I like the wonderful summer time so much that I decide to dress up for this beautiful season. You can wear all smart dresses and shorts to show off your nice figure. Yet, a true diva should not neglect the details. […]

17 Trendy Yellow Nail Art Designs for Summer

Here are 17 trendy yellow nail art designs for summer, from Styles Weekly: Yellow is such a bright and vivid color that it’s a wise choice to wear this beautiful color in this lively season. In this post, we would like to show you 17 trendy yellow nail designs for summer. It’s time to fall […]

18 Vintage Floral Nail Designs You Will Love

Today we showcase 18 vintage floral nail designs you will love. These days creative nail art and nail designs are universally embraced by models, singers and actresses such as Zooey Deschanel, as well as by non-celebrities in their every day life.  A funky new nail design can add sparkle and pizzazz to your fashion look. A great […]