How To NOT Piss Off Your Bridesmaids – Advice From A Bride Who Did It All Wrong

From She Finds: I’m getting married in May and despite having written for two bridal publications, I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, especially regarding the treatment of my bridesmaids. Like many brides, I thought picking a flattering bridesmaid dress and giving my ‘maids a robe or a piece of jewelry the day before the wedding was […]

The 4 Things A Bride Should Absolutely Never Ask Of Her Bridesmaids

Asking your bridesmaids to stand beside you on your special day is a big deal, and it goes without saying that it’s important to choose wisely! The best friends and/or family members you choose to include in your bridal party will be with you from the start to finish of your wedding planning whirlwind, and […]