Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Like These Celebrities!

While most of us can’t afford the very expensive engagement rings that celebrities have, we can use their sense of fashion and style as models for the type of  engagement ring we want. One of the trends we are noticing is that of celebrities upgrading their engagement ring. Perhaps if your financial situation has improved […]

Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings

If your style and taste tend to be a bit unconventional and the customary diamond engagement ring is not your style, you can find an engagement ring that is both gorgeous and totally unique. There are many dazzling non-diamond engagement rings available that sparkle just as bright as diamonds. Your style may have you choosing one of the newest trend […]

7 Wedding-Worthy Looks From the Cannes Film Festival


Getty Images By: Ivy Jacobson Reblogged from the knot: All bets are off when it comes to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, since there must be something about the French Riviera that makes celebs take daring fashion risks. This year, however, we’ve seen so many pretty silhouettes, cutouts and corsets that would look […]

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – A Favorite Choice For Top Celebrities

Marquise cut diamond engagement rings are a favorite choice for many top celebrities. While often thought to refer to the a diamond’s shape, a diamond cut is actually a style or design guide used when the diamond cutter shapes the diamond for polishing.  So the cut does not refer to the diamond’s shape, but rather […]