Wedding Day Hair: 10 vintage-inspired styles

Whatever the length of your hair you can always find the right hairstyle to have amazing wedding hair.   Whether you prefer an elegant vintage wedding hairstyle, or a more modern hairstyle featuring an updo or braids, you want your hairstyle to complement your accessories and attire. One of the major trends for wedding hairstyles, veils, headpieces and brooches in 2014 is […]

Chic Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

The popularity of vintage and art deco fashion style in weddings is growing among celebrities and every day folks alike, and embraces not only wedding dresses and accessories, but engagement rings as well. One of the major trends for wedding hairstyles, veils, headpieces and brooches in 2014 is being retro-chic with a twist of vintage.   There is often confusion about the difference between […]

Vintage Wedding Style: The Retro 50′s Wedding Look

Often, there is confusion about the use of the terms “antique”, “vintage” and “retro” when it comes to fashion style. If the fashion comes from a time before the 1920s it is antique. Vintage refers to fashion from the 1920’s to 20 years before the present day.  Retro, which is short for retrospective, or “vintage style” […]

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles That Add A Spark Of Elegance

Having a vintage-style wedding?  Well, your wedding decor isn’t the only way to reflect your vintage style.  Another great way is with an elegant, romantic wedding hairstyle. When searching for new style ideas, sometimes the best place to look is the past. When it comes to hairstyles, especially, there is unlimited inspiration to be found […]