Get 6 Smart Ideas To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

If you are getting married this year and want to stretch your wedding budget, it’s gonna be tricky as allocating funds is perhaps one of the hardest things to do and everything seems so important here. Here are some recommendations that you may use to keep your wedding amazing without wasting too much money by […]

True Wedding Costs: Why Using The ‘Average’ To Determine Cost May Be Misleading

As we all know, weddings can be expensive.   But how expensive is the typical wedding really? The conventional wisdom, based on various studies and surveys, is that the “average” cost of a wedding is just under $30,000, as reflected in this infographic: But does the mathematical concept of “average” actually reflect what most brides […]

How to Get Married on A Tight Budget

Engagements and wedding plans have been something of a feature on a lot of the blogs I love of late and a few weeks ago I got talking to some lovely ladies about the cost of weddings over on twitter. Considering it is only one day they are pretty damn expensive and you can easily […]

Wedding Experts Reveal Their Best Cost-Cutting Secrets

We asked top wedding-industry pros to spill their best cost-cutting secrets. Here’s how to save on everything from cocktails to cake, flowers and more. By: Sharon Naylor “Ask yourself: what are my top three dream elements? Is the food most important? The band? The dress? Craft your budget around what you know you want, to […]

Black Friday Bride: 6 Tips to Save Big on Wedding Costs

The holidays are swiftly on the approach, my friends! Halloween is over, and now madness for the holidays will really sink in. If you are a planning bride, looking to cut costs where you can, there is one day you might want to consider participating in, although you previously pondered about avoiding this day all […]

What To Sell And What To Save After The Wedding

“I know I’m over budget. It’s OK…I plan to sell the dress/linens/decor after the wedding. I’ll never need any of this stuff again anyway.” Does that sound familiar? Many couples overspend in the name of the perfect wedding, and there are countless websites to help couples recoup some of their costs on things that weren’t […]