Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

The Geode Wedding Cakes trend is one of the hottest and most elegant wedding cake trends ever. It started in 2016 when talented pastry maker Rachel Teufel risked it all, and inspired by the rocky cavities whose walls are covered with minerals, such as amethyst quartz, gave this crazy idea a huge try in her […]

10 Cactus Cake Toppers Ideas, For Your Summer Wedding

The wedding cake is one of the most important traditions between people who just decided to share their lives together as a couple. It is said that the tradition of having a cake at the wedding was born in ancient Rome, as a practice that would later become a custom. Back then, a bread was […]

The Most Mouthwatering Summer Wedding Cake Flavors

Here are The Most Mouthwatering Summer Wedding Cake Flavors, from Brides, On your wedding day, you should get to have your cake and eat it, too—and that cake should be absolutely delicious. While vanilla, chocolate, almond, and even Funfetti are tasty and popular choices, we found 11 summer wedding cake flavors that’ll bring the season […]

Alternative Wedding Cakes: Our Definitive Guide to Cakes With a Difference

Here are some Alternative Wedding Cakes: Our Definitive Guide to Cakes With a Difference, from Confetti, If you’re eschewing conventional wedding traditions, for example choosing to walk yourself down the aisle or opting to spend the night before your wedding with your partner, chances are you might also be in the market for an alternative […]

54 One-Tier Wedding Cakes To Get Inspired

Check out these 54 one-tier wedding cakes to get inspired; from Weddingomania Multiple-layered cakes aren’t always necessary for weddings. Well, yeah, those extra layers certainly give some luxurious and exquisite feel, but if you don’t strive for this or/and looking for ways to cut down your budget, boldly choose single layer cakes. They can be […]

Cheese Wedding Cakes: 10 Savoury Samples

Check out these Cheese Wedding Cakes: 10 Savoury Samples, from Confetti, If you’re having a rustic wedding, a cheese wedding cake is an essential – but if you have a sweet tooth, don’t panic, you could always serve it alongside one of these beautiful naked wedding cakes. Lucky for us they are growing in popularity […]