Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Every Venue

Here are 55 wedding cakes for every venue; from Brides Oftentimes, choosing a wedding cake feels like checking off yet another box on your wedding to-do list. (Bouquet? Check! Dress? Check! Cake? Check!) But, today, it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than ordering some traditional cake for ceremonial purposes, you now have the […]

10 Wedding Cake Options to Break Out Of the Ordinary

We all know that at the end of your wedding day you will celebrate with your wedding guests by serving wedding cake. That is why we want to show you how to avoid boring wedding traditions with new ideas of how to have a spectacular wedding cake that is different, original and very creative. The […]

3 Tips And 25 Ways To Display Your Wedding Cake

Check out these 25 ways to display your wedding cake; from Weddingomania A wedding cake today isn’t just a traditional dessert, it’s a way to highlight your wedding style and theme. Besides ordering a delicious masterpiece, you’ll need to show it off, so your display should be cool, too. Here are some expert tips and […]

10 Wonderful Wedding Cake Ideas

Here are 10 wonderful wedding cake ideas, from Top Inspired:  The wedding is one of the most important life events for many people and wanting everything to be perfect is part of it too! This includes the tiniest details to big arrangements and among these wishes is having the most beautiful wedding cake as well. The cake shops […]

11 More Sweet and Stunning Summer Wedding Cakes

Today we present 11 more sweet and stunning summer wedding cakes, from Stay Glam: Planning a summer wedding? Then you need to check out these 11 picks of summer wedding cakes. We have something to suit every wedding. From classic and floral to bold and tropical and more. All these cakes look amazing and taste it too. […]

24 Stunning Wedding Cakes That Won 2016

Check out these 24 stunning wedding cakes that won 2016, from Buzzfeed:  Wedding cakes come in several types, such as traditional wedding cakes, wedding cakes based on flavor, smaller cakes or individual cakes, frosted cakes, and cupcakes. Traditional wedding cakes are white, including decoration and icing varieties such as buttercream, almond. etc. Wedding cakes based […]