Inspiring Seating Ideas for your Wedding Ceremony

If your wedding ceremony will be with family and closest friends, you should pay more attention to details such as venue locations and the seating ideas that can work in it. It’s very important to determine how close each of the guests can be to the couple in order to share the wedding experience with […]

7 Heartwarming Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Script

7 Heartwarming Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Script

Here are 7 Heartwarming Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Script, from Woman Getting Married, When it comes to your wedding ceremony script, finding the right wording can be tricky. If you’re not having a religious ceremony with a standard set of wording (like Jewish or Catholic or Hindu weddings), it can be hard to know […]

3 Wedding Ceremony Timing Essentials: From Preventing Latecomers to How to Catch a Sunset

Here is some advice for dealing with some possible ceremony timing issues, from Brides: While everyone loves to get the party started, the ceremony is the bread and butter of a wedding. After all, you need a ceremony to actually get married! Once you’ve figured out where and how you’d like the tie the knot, you’ll have to figure out […]

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies: How One Bride Did It


Photo: Getty Images This article is found at What do real brides have to say about the wedding planning experience? Well, it’s not all happy tears at the bridal boutique and indulgent cake tastings. Guest blogger Jamie Shupak, TV host, food blogger, and NY1’s traffic reporter, will share how she’s modernizing her mother’s wedding dress, planning an interfaith […]

10 Wedding Vows Far Better Than ‘For Richer Or Poorer’

I study romantic relationships. I’m also engaged. So, of course, I’ve given a tremendous amount of thought as to what it really means for my partner and I to marry one another. Researchers have found that weddings are deeply significant life events, but we don’t really know why they’re so meaningful. Marriage may simply be about celebrating […]


Who should “give you away”? From going solo to choosing family beyond mom or dad, the options for brides are better than ever. When bride Lela McArthur walked down the aisle to marry her beloved Steph Figarelle on Valentine’s Day, their union may have appeared unconventional at first glance—after all, they were the first lesbian couple to […]