16 of the Best Wedding Flowers by Season

Here are 16 of the Best Wedding Flowers by Season, from Woman Getting Married, Choosing wedding flowers can be equal parts delightful and overwhelming, especially if you, like me, aren’t exactly a flower expert. I knew a few flowers I thought were beautiful when I began wedding planning, but I quickly learned that, without shelling […]

5 Easy Peasy DIY Wedding Projects

Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings  Hear, hear! I have some DIY treats for all you DIY-savvy and crafty brides-to-be! Today, I’m sharing with you 5 easy DIY projects that you could use for your wedding (or for any other occasions as well!). Whether you want to add oomph to your wedding deets or just want […]

Prettiest Bridal Bouquets of 2013 – Part I

A bride’s look is never complete without her bridal bouquet. I have yet to see a bride without one, actually. Whether fresh or alternative, the bouquets are one of the most anticipated deets-to-see in a wedding because a gorgeous bridal bouquet can actually preset your expectations or somehow give you a hint on what the […]


Afternoon lovelies :-) I am over the moon to have a beautiful DIY tutorial for you today. Susie and Claire from Knot & Pop (who are the newest wedding stylists on the block) sent over this super sweet paper flower DIY. Use your flowers to create a mass installation such as the heart above, or pop them […]



Traditionally the bride will hold the bouquet, and the maid of honor will hold it during the ceremony. After the wedding the bride will toss it over her shoulder, and it is believed that whoever catches the bouquet is the next in line to be married.[8] This practice may be related to the Golden Apple of Discord myth.[citation needed] Wedding bouquet shapes[edit] […]

Autumn Weddings – Which Flowers to Choose

Are you planning an autumn wedding? Away from the hectic scheduling and sometimes sticky weather conditions of the summer season, the months of September through to November are proving increasingly popular with wedding planners across the country. The season also offers a number of beautiful floral options for bouquets, buttonholes and bridal accessories, as the […]