The Venus et Fleur Founders Filled Their Wedding With 150,000 Roses

Here are The Venus et Fleur Founders Filled Their Wedding With 150,000 Roses, from Brides, How do you decorate your wedding when you’re the founders of eternity rose company Venus et Fleur? With roses, of course—thousands of them! On December 28, 2018, Seema Bansal and Sanjam “Sunny” Chadha tied the knot in Miami, surrounded by […]

3 Wedding Flowers Trends That Are On Right Now

Here are 3 Wedding Flower Trends That Are On Right Now, from Weddingomania Wedding flowers and foliage are what makes a wedding feel festive and somewhat solemn, and choosing wedding florals or greenery is an indispensable part of wedding decor, everyone has at least some. There are tons of blooms and greenery to choose from […]

19 Beautiful Ways To Use Sampaguita Flowers In Your Wedding

Sampaguita flowers are sweetly scented tropical flowers which are a beautiful choice for your wedding flowers, especially for your bridal bouquet. Here are 19 beautiful ways to use sampaguita flowers in your wedding, from Buzzfeed: Here’s how to make your wedding look like actual fairies planned it. Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed Philippines 1. First of all, […]

Wedding Trends 2015: A Floral Perspective

Flowers typically are an integral and pervasive part wedding planning because of the many ways that they fit into your wedding decor and wedding attire. are used. Check out these wedding floral trends for 2015, from Want That Wedding: When it comes to wedding styling, the thing that excites me the most has to be the […]

Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Flower Ideas


From the focal point of most wedding centerpieces, to wedding aisle decor, floral bridal crowns and bridal bouquets, flowers have a very special and unique place in wedding planning because of the many ways they can fit into your wedding decor and wedding attire. So today we have some jaw-dropping gorgeous wedding flower ideas. Coming […]


Here are a number of romantic and gorgeous ideas for your wedding flowers, from MODWedding: Glamour and Elegance don’t even begin to describe these gorgeous flower-filled wedding ideas from Diana Gould Ltd. Take a look and Happy pinning! Special feature: Diana Gould Ltd. is a high end floral design and event décor company in New York, specializing in complete room decor […]