How To Take The Stress Out Of Creating Your Wedding Guest List


Photo courtesy of iStockphoto. 1. Balance your fantasy with your reality. Your budget will play a major role in how many guests you can invite. Start drafting your list in the early stages of planning. “This is a great way to establish the kind of wedding you want,” says Tara O’Grady, owner of wedding and […]

No-Stress Guide to Creating a Wedding Guest List

In order for your wedding to be the great success you desire, you want to be sure to keep your wedding guests entertained.  A creative wedding program that keeps your wedding guests updated with what is going on during the wedding event is always a good start. But there are other aspects of your wedding planning that you need […]

The Best Tips For Trimming Your Guest List

Being one of the most important days (if not the most important day) of your life, it is a given that you will want to have your nearest and dearest present on your wedding day to share smiles, laughs, and even some tears of joy. More likely than not, you will invite your closest family members and […]