8 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings Guests

Every wedding party has its princess a.k.a, the bride, but that doesn’t mean that you, as wedding guests are not allowed to also look spectacular. But there’s a fine line between looking glamorous and taking away all the spot lights. If you want to try some of the braided hairstyles for summer wedding guests, we […]

Beach Wedding Guest Attire Guide And 26 Examples

Here are more than 20 beach wedding guest attire examples; from Weddingomania Beach weddings are timeless, they take place every year and many couples love beaches to tie the knot. Invited to such a wedding? Dressing up for such a wedding may be tricky cause of much sunshine (which usually means heat) and unexpected ocean […]

7 People Your Groom Shouldn’t Invite To The Wedding


Who to invite to your wedding? Who not to invite your wedding? We have offered guidance to help you answer the question ‘who do you invite to your wedding’ with a helpful infographic on who does and who doesn’t get an invitation to your wedding. And we recently featured the 8 people you don’t want to invite to […]

8 People You Don’t Want to Invite to Your Wedding (But Have to)


Your all-important wedding guests.  There are some people that you absolutely want to invite to your wedding. And, unfortunately, there are some people that you don’t want to invite to your wedding, but, for a variety of reasons, you pretty much have to. Your wedding guests of course are an important part of the wedding […]

11 Ways To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Here are 11 ways to impress your wedding guests, from SheFinds: We’ll all go to quite a few weddings in our lifetime, and let’s be honest–they all seem to blend into one another after a while. That’s why it’s so important for couples to truly wow their guests on their big day so that they’re remembering […]