How-To Set Up A Buffet

After all of the excitement of the wedding proposal, engagement and engagement party, it is time to wade into the realities of wedding planning. One of those realities is that it can get really expensive really fast. And one of the biggest budget items for weddings is the cost of food and drink. If you […]

Self-Catered Weddings: Tips and Tools for Planning

When planning a wedding and looking to cut costs, one of the features of the wedding that many people look at as a possible cost-saver is that of self-catering instead of hiring a professional caterer. But oftentimes self-catering can be expensive as well, in addition to the inevitable headaches and frustrations that accompany such a […]

Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception – Part 3


This is Part 3 of our series entitled “Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception”. Well, they’re not really secrets — just really solid ideas. We all know about the traditional wedding reception – a party held after the completion of your wedding ceremony. It is held usually as hospitality for those who have attended the […]

All About Wedding Food: 4 Kinds of Reception to Choose From

Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings  Reception food will definitely EAT a big chunk on your wedding budget. That’s a a fact. While taste and food aesthetics are give-aways when deciding for wedding food, one major thing you need to consider is the kind of reception you want to have. Will you be having a Sit […]