Selecting your wedding venue can often be a daunting task, with so many choices, so many options. To make that task less daunting, here is some helpful advice on setting your sites on the type of wedding venues, reblogged from Upon An Occasion: The first thing to take into account when choosing the type  wedding is […]

Your Wedding Venue – What You Need To Know Before You Book It


Booking your wedding venue is one of most important elements of your wedding, as well as being one of the first things you do after getting engaged. It sets the stage for your big day, and will be the backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, newly-engaged couples often are led by their […]

Choosing Your Wedding Venue


Reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriwings  One of the first wedding-related bookings you’ll ever make is that of your wedding venue. Choosing one usually doesn’t come easy because of the many things to consider (availability, capacity, proximity, etc.), but do not fret! You don’t have to do a kiss-a-lot-of-frogs-before-you-find-your-princestunt on deciding which venue will be best for […]

Wedding Venues – so many choices, so many options….

Reblogged from Just As Planned Events Mary-Anne Lowe from The Riverstone Estate shares her advice on some great questions you should ask the reception venue when booking your special event. Often as a reception venue, the first question we get asked is What is your price per person?  This is the worst question you can ask […]

5 Wedding Reception Venue Trends Across The Country

From theknot:  Every year we survey thousands of recently married couples (like literally more than 19,000!) from across the country to discover the hottest trends and ideas from weddings across the country. One of the questions we ask is all about the wedding venue — well, the results from our 2012 Real Weddings Survey might […]