For Your Wedding Day or For Valentine’s Day: Gold Heart Rings and Earrings


There’s nothing more symbolic of love than the heart. Let your desire surface with heart jewelry. Hearts are symbolic of love, and jewelry characterizes sophistication and glamour depicting heart shaped jewelry as a stunning expression of one’s love for another, from friendship to romantic love, in the form of a gift. Heart Jewelry is a […]


This is Part 3 of our series of articles entitled “Engagement-Worthy Rings Under $1,500″. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they can also be your bank account’s worst enemy. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring on a budget, you may have to think a bit more outside of the box. Carat size, clarity, […]

Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5,000 – Part IV

This is Part IV of our series “Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5,000″. Gorgeous engagement rings don’t need to cost a fortune. Here are some dreamworthy sparklers – from 14 karat white gold to radiant-shaped diamonds to emerald-cut diamonds and vintage diamond rings —with price tags you won’t believe. Honestly, you may need to sit down […]

9 Real Brides’ Wedding Ring Engravings

The custom of engraving wedding bands dates back to medieval Europe, when couples would include phrases from romantic poetry on their bands — and we love how romantic this tradition is. We asked real brides on Facebook about their wedding ring engravings, and many of them were creative and unexpected. Get inspiration and ideas right here. Are […]

The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings! – Part 1

Olivia Palermo is the latest celebrity to get engaged! Her fiancé, Johannes Huebl, posted an Instagram video of their big news on New Year’s Day, ensuring that they will have a 2014 to remember. If you can’t get enough of the engagement ring bliss, there are plenty of celebrity gems out there to ogle. Check […]

10 Things No One Told You About Getting Engaged (Oh, P.S. Congrats!)

So, you just got engaged (#BestValentinesEver!). Now what? Before you change your Facebook status, or even read our list of the 10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged, you absolutely must read our insider guide to getting engaged (when to take that ring off, how to start the planning process, and more). […]