Wedding Vows Book Ideas to Keep Them Forever!

If the wedding vows moment isn’t the most important during a wedding ceremony, we know that it can be. Once these votes are repeated, those words can be forgotten so why not keep them in a beautiful way and not just on cards. The wedding vows book has become popular lately for the beautiful gesture […]



© 2013 Kellie & Rupert, 4eyes Photography Formal White Beach Wedding by 4eyes Photography While traditional wedding vows remain a popular choice for wedding couples, more and more newlyweds are opting to write their own personalized wedding vows. Writing your own wedding vows is the perfect way to personalize your wedding and to show your guests […]

10 Wedding Vows Far Better Than ‘For Richer Or Poorer’

I study romantic relationships. I’m also engaged. So, of course, I’ve given a tremendous amount of thought as to what it really means for my partner and I to marry one another. Researchers have found that weddings are deeply significant life events, but we don’t really know why they’re so meaningful. Marriage may simply be about celebrating […]

Steal these vows

Maybe you’re just looking to steal — er BORROW some vow inspiration from real weddings, here’s a selection of vows submitted to the Offbeat Bride Tribe to inspire you in your planning: Read it at offbeatbride. Related articles Vows… ( Crafting the Ceremony: Vows and Rings (