25 Good-Looking Short Haircuts

Here are 25 good-looking short haircuts, from Short-Haircut:  Who doesn’t want to have that awesome good looking short haircut this year 2018? Short haircuts are a great way to create a lasting personality look in you and let you turn heads and break hearts whenever you pass around. If you have always wanted to go short with your hair then […]

7 Wedding-Worthy Looks From the Cannes Film Festival


Getty Images By: Ivy Jacobson Reblogged from the knot: All bets are off when it comes to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, since there must be something about the French Riviera that makes celebs take daring fashion risks. This year, however, we’ve seen so many pretty silhouettes, cutouts and corsets that would look […]

Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Her Secret Wedding To Marco Perego


From Huff Post Weddings: Zoe Saldana is basking in newlywed bliss. Not only is she taking time off from the gym (yes, believe it or not), Saldana is finally opening up about her secret wedding to Marco Perego last year. “I’m not a private person, but I am discreet, so [getting married in secret] felt […]