Take A Look To The Most Spooky Dia de Los Muertos’ Cakes

The aim of the Dia de Los Muertos has two explanations: the first as a celebration of life for the colorful elements that are handled and on the other the continuity of life, with pre-Hispanic roots influenced by the Catholic Church and a cultural heritage that has caused a Fascination between Mexicans and foreigners.

The first two days of November, the dead go down to visit their loved ones. The first day is for the little ones and the second is for the adults. Everyone is expected with an offering full of flowers, candles, colored papers, the traditional dead bread, cempasuchil flowers and the favorite food of the deceased, as well as activities they liked to do when they were alive.

That is why today we bring you a fun collection of the most beautiful, fun and spooky cakes that we found on Instagram, so you can get inspired and celebrate with your family this holiday. Take note of the details and in the different artists behind each of these true works of art.

What about some Coffin Cake made with the edible emblems of the holiday. Pumpkin and Marigolds. Iced with jet black vanilla bean buttercream and topped with toffee pumpkin skin, cardamom roasted pumpkin seeds and jet black coconut by @stickyfingersbakery


Take a look at this amazing work of art, buttercream frosting, and some fresh flower for decor and you got a spooky Catrina’s Cake, everybody will love! Yummy yummy! @nebula.cakeshop


For sure Alejandro Gonzalez knows whats he’s doing at his bakery, check this beautiful Catrina, the detailed and original design, topped with a fresh flower crown, not only stunning as delicious this vanilla cake is covered in chocolate and filled with semi-sour chocolate mousse and red berries. @alejandrogonzalezreposteria

What do you think of a wedding on the day of the dead? Being such an open theme allows you to make your wedding as romantic or creepy as you want. With a wedding cake full of colors, flowers and Catrinas your guests will love every detail.

Our first option comes directly from Palavicini Bakery, with a beautiful four-tier cake in black and gold accents. You can see the amount of small and elaborate details in each picture of the skull bride and groom. Crowning the cake, a beautiful Catrina-style bride and groom topper, can we ask for more? @palavicinibakery


If your style is more classic, what do you think of Jennifer Regester’s proposal? With this imposing four-level wedding cake in white, with reliefs, decorated with garlands of fresh red roses. What a beautiful creation! @cakesbyjennbozeman


Who doesn’t remember this beautiful movie? Own it with a theme cake, half Catrina, half Xibalba, bringing the best of both worlds to celebrate love and life with your family. @cocolimonirapuato


Last but not least we got you this badass wedding cake, big, detailed, just beautiful, and most important Vegan! Yes, you read it right, you can have an amazing wedding cake without the cruelty, thanks to Rosa Arias at @calaverosa_ddlm


Cover image by Alegandro González | @alejandrogonzalezreposteria