Dramatic Tall Wedding Centerpieces With Rustic Style

Tall wedding centerpieces are very popular. They add drama, elegance and style to your wedding reception tables.

As they enter the wedding reception venue, your wedding guests’ attention will be immediately drawn to a wedding reception table that has a dramatic tall wedding centerpiece.

If your wedding theme is based on rustic style, or contains rustic elements, you can definitely find stunning, dramatic tall wedding centerpieces to coordinate with that theme and style.

Rustic style has become increasingly popular for weddings. That is at least partially because of rustic style’s unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes, and natural warmth. .

Rustic wedding decorations, including rustic wedding centerpieces, can easily be combined with other wedding styles, such as vintage, to create a truly modern look. They bring a sense of connection to the past and celebrate the art of re-cycling and re-purposing.

Here are a few tall wedding centerpieces with rustic style, from knots villa: