The Best Tips For Trimming Your Guest List

Being one of the most important days (if not the most important day) of your life, it is a given that you will want to have your nearest and dearest present on your wedding day to share smiles, laughs, and even some tears of joy.

More likely than not, you will invite your closest family members and friends to revel in the celebration of your marriage, but what about, for example, your dad’s second cousin’s brother twice-removed?

The first thing you need to know is that it’s just not possible to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Second, your wedding day is a joyful time in your life, so stressing over who to invite should be the last thing on your giant to-do list. In fact, it shouldn’t be on your to-do list at all!

This is where we come in. We know that deciding where to draw the line on who to invite to your wedding is a tricky task, so we have interviewed Tara O’Grady, founder and owner ofBliss Events and ranked one of Toronto Life‘s best in the biz, to shed some light on some quick tips for how to trim your guest list.


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