The Rustic Wedding – Part I

Once again autumn is upon us and so are the rustic weddings.

There is no better season for rustic than autumn. So here is some rustic wedding inspiration – and my idea of what would make a rustic night perfect.

The Rustic Bride

In my eyes the perfect rustic bride has a certain vintage feel to her. Most wedding dresses would work for a rustic wedding,- especially if it goes down the romantic route.

My favorites must be 1 and 4.


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The Rustic Groom

Again, when it comes to the groom I say go vintage, go romantic. I say yes to bow ties, feathers, tweed, wool and dapper hats.


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The Rustic Wedding Party

For the wedding party I am still holding one finger on vintage and one on romantic. How about that dog?


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The Rustic Accessories

My favorites for the rustic bride would be a lovely floral crown, or maybe a crown made from olive branches. A gorgeous red lip and for those who are doing a farm event, how about some western boots?


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The Rustic Flowers

Once again, back to great simplicity, with a romantic vintage feel. I absolutely love the olive branches in picture one, but the greatest piece must be the acorn boutonniere. It makes me feel like adding more acorns to my floral arrangements…


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The Rustic Ceremony

To me the perfect rustic wedding ceremony would be under a collection of flowers, moss, origami or lovely light – outside – mid-forest. And how about adding some lovely petals for your wedding guests, flower confetti is never wrong.


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