3 Tips to Decorate a Perfect Pet-Friendly Home

Your house should not be pet-friendly only for your pet but also for the pets of your friends.

If you are in the process of adopting a pet or you already have one and you need to prepare the space for it, let us help you with some tips that can refresh your ideas about what you need to make your home perfectly pet-friendly. And if you have already made changes in your space to get a pet.friendly house / apartment, share ideas with us through our Instagram account using the hashtag #crazyforus
We will love seeing you!

1. A Throne for a King / Queen

An essential part of pet friendly interior decor must surely be the addition of their own comfy pet bed.
Avoid designs that are multicolored and with childish patterns that could make the decoration of your house seem disconcerting. Opt for a more classic, a single color that combines better.

1 Tip to Decor a Perfect Pet-Friendly Home


2. Pet-Friendly Kitchens

Pet-friendly interiors are all about keeping your space as tidy as possible, allowing that stunning new kitchen to glisten without unsightly doggy / kitty bowls smudging that perfect vision.
Avoid leaving food bowls out in plain sight and if you need to keep them in the area, give up a space under a shelf where you can slide and are easily accessible for when your pets also need to eat.

2 Tip to Decor a Perfect Pet-Friendly Home
Source: Alexander James, Interior Design

3. Fur-Free Upholstery

Think carefully about the fabrics you choose to upholster and how likely they are to gather fur.
You need to avoid fabrics that are a magnet for pet hair e.g. velvet, mohair, corduroy, velor or chenille. Steer clear of any delicate materials that could be damaged by your adorable little friend e.g. silk Your best options can be smooth tapestries, leathers and synthetic fibers. Invest in quality textiles that will withstand the test of those claws!

3 Tip to Decor a Perfect Pet-Friendly Home
Source: Alexander James, Interior Design