Top 10 Makeup Looks Every Woman Should Try Out

Here are the top 10 makeup looks every woman should try, from Top Inspired:

Some use makeup to feel more confident, others for fun and some don’t use it at all. However, makeup allows us to experiment so much with colors and textures and that lead to creating many timeless looks. Some of them are so popular and easy that you can do them at home by yourself. Ahead you will find ten great looks that we are recommending for you try. Some are really famous and popular, such as the smokey eyes, and others are less known perhaps (clumpy eyelashes?), but they’re worth the try. If you want to change your routine a bit and try something new – read next!

1. Big Clumpy Eyelashes

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When we put our mascara on, we really try not to make our lashes clumpy. So, you may ask then why are we putting this on the list? Here’s why: when done fine, clumpy lasheslook chic and can make your eyes appear bigger. This is a trend from the 60’s and 70’s, so we can say for sure that this look is such a retro one. It’s exactly the way former fashion model Twiggy used to wear her lashes, and we admit that it made her eyes look as two big, blue jewels. So, then next time when you try not to make them clumpy, do the opposite.

2. Zendaya – All Things Bronze

Zendaya-Bronze Makeup


The bronze makeup is a perfect way to get a sun – kissed look and if applied right, it can reaally flatter your face by using gold, beige, bronze or similar shades. Use bronze eye shadow to blend it over, while for the cheeks, the forehead, the chin and the temples use a bronzer. You can also use a highlighter for the cheekbones, the forehead and the nose. It’s also preferred to use a similar shade for the lips as well, but here you can experiment with textures, so if you previously used matte or shimmery makeup, now you can use lip gloss. It will give away a summer-ish look.

3. Under Eye Shadow

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For some this is too much, but it’s never too late to try out new things! Applying eye shadow or a layer of eye pencil under the eye can make them appear bigger, or at least it can put an accent on your eye color. It’s all about playing with shades and colors, so as pictures, you can apply one color on your eye lid, and another under. Blue and bronze go great together, doesn’t they? Don’t be afraid that you are going to look ridiculous with makeup like this. When done right, it looks very chic!

4. Contoured

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Unfortunately not all of us were born with cheek bones that we won’t have to contoure, but as many times, makeup is here to save the day. When it comes to contouring, the texture of the makeup is really important and in this case it’s recommended to stick with matte. Another very important thing is the brush. You will need a regular foundation brush and a smaller one for more precise contouring. Of course, if you don’t feel like you need to contour your whole face, stick to one or two places that you would like to have contoured.

5. Shimmery Brown

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Brown color and similar shades are mostly suitable for brown and hazel eyes, but it will work just fine with blue as well (Miranda Kerr is the real proof for that!). There is a wide range of eye makeup that you can use, but what we recommend is definitelyshimmery brown. It is great for any occasion, from work to parties, and yet it is just a gentle and subtle eye shadow. Combine it with a lipstick or glossy lip and you’re ready to rock your world!

6. Kendall Jenner – Vintage Makeup