Top 10 Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Check out these top 10 Valentines Day outfit ideas, from Top Inspired:

Since Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year, there are many ways to celebrate it with your loved one: a day at the park, a nice brunch or a fancy dinner. No matter where you will spend the day of love, your outfit should be lovable too. Once the gift and plans are in place, focus on your wardrobe and give the best of you. Red is definitely not the color you should wear that day, but you can play with details.

There are many wonderful outfits that exclude the hot red and still look fancy and appropriate for the day. Embrace your date this month with the most fashionable items. So, here we made a list of 10 alternative looks that will impress on February 14. Love is in the fashion too!

1. Gigi Hadid in a Silk Outfit

Gigi Hadid in silk outfit


The perfect night for wearing a silk blouse. They are elegant and classy and they always add some glam and shine to your look. If you want to get more out of the silk blouse, pair it with some black skinnies and sky-high heels.

2. Black And White Dress

Top 10 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas - Black and White Dress


Hopefully you already know how powerful black and white colors look together. But the most important thing when wearing the black&white dress are your shoes and your accessories. Since you are getting ready for the Valentine’s dinner, pair it with the red shoes and some elegant neckless.

3. Sexy Jumpsuit

Top 10 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas - Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits have been huge trend last year and this trendy style isn’t going anywhere. They can be very sexy and sophisticated when paired with leather or furry jackets. But don’t forget to add some glamour by taking some eye-catching clutch with you.

4. Leather Dress And Red Clutch

leather dress and red clutch


Dare to be unique for the night of love by wearing some sexy and short leather dress. The leather dress is such a statement that all you need is some small and wonderfully chic red clutch. Happy Valentine!

5. Red Lingerie

Top 10 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas - red lingerie


Since the Valentine’s day is just around the corner it is time to start thinking about whatsexy lingerie you should wear under your outfit.  You can’t never go wrong with hot-red, it will just make you feel  more powerful and sexier. Have a great Valentine’s Day (or night)!