Top 5 Wedding Podcasts To Plan Your Wedding

Are you planning your wedding? How much time in advance do you think is necessary? Do you have any idea where to start?

Planning a wedding can be extremely difficult and stressful, and depending on the theme, location and magnitude of the event, you will be adding more degrees of difficulty.

Do you know what really helps? Investigate it! An excellent way to take advantage of your time, are the podcasts.

Yes, you read well, podcast. According to María Toledo, of Inboundcycle a podcast is a customizable and downloadable radio program that can be mounted on a website or blog, even on such popular platforms as iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud or Ivoox, among others. The availability of technological tools and the existence of these platforms to store and share content is favoring the dissemination and expansion of podcasts. Basically, it’s like listening to the radio, but in a way directed only to the content you want to hear.

We did some research and found 5 wedding podcasts, which could help with the planning (fingers crossed).



Bridechilla is a wedding planning guide, with a podcast section that help you plan a meaninful celebration, it has more tha 370 free episodes (you can dowload them or listening on-line). The update their platform every monday. What we liked the most is that they cover practically all the topics that you can imagine when it comes to wedding planning.



The success of Bridezilla is due to her wonderful host, the comedian Aleisha McCormack host, she is all about encouraging brides and grooms to create the celebration they want, regardless of what’s showing up on the Pinterest boards, what’s being heralded on all the wedding websites, and what your mother and mother-in-law have and relatives have to say about what you should, and should not, do.

Bridechilla is all about personal tips from real experiences and putting down the old traditions. The different interviews include regular people, wedding planners, vendors, wedding bloggers, authors, all of them with their own perspective. McCormack has even hosted episodes with psychologists and counsellors highlighting the importance of marital counselling, stress, anxiety, and marriage life.

Maybe you’re looking for a new podcast or searching for some wedding planning tips, Bridechilla is a podcast you can not miss.

376- Money Talk. Wedding Planning Q&A with Shannah Compton Game


Put A Ring On It

Put A Ring On It, is a wedding podcast hosted by wedding coordinator and consultant Danielle Pasternak and photographer Daniel Moyer.

These two expertices give a professional view about the wedding industry ups and down, they refer to themselves as “the anti-boring wedding podcast” and they live up to that moniker in more ways than one.


put a ring on it

Put a Ring On It

On the podcast you can found some behind the scenes stories and tips from true experts and pros in the business.

In every episode it’s shown a different topic so you can learn important wedding planning tips, from how to negotiate with vendors to how to stay sane during day-of coordination to how to incorporate new traditions into same-sex weddings.

If you ever wondered when and why you should feed your vendors at your reception, this podcast is the one you need!


EP66 | 10 Things Your Guests Won’t Care About


The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

This is a not traditional wedding blog, (as they defined themself) hosted by Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez who are both experienced wedding consultants. Here they share their own expertise and anecdotes from real weddings in the hope of helping you to plan your own.

the big wedding planning podcast

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

This is a very fun a refreshing wedding podcast, with hilarious titles as “serial bridesmaids,” this team covers all the topics in a unique way.

Whoever is planning a wedding must hear to this material, it’s a inner view of two super experienced wedding planners of the wedding industry. (Around 1 hr 13 mins per episode)


#147 From Boston to LA – Christy & Michelle Live!


From Ring to Veil

From Ring to Veil is a wedding planning podcast hosted by Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills.

These girls have many years of experience in the wedding industry and the podcast world (that’s definitely a plus). Kim and Shannon want to share their knowledge and expertise from flowers and décor to venues and photographers.

They make the a super team for a super wedding planning wiht their knowledge and secrets, as they interview expert guest, whats make this the perfect wedding planning podcast.

Taking the stress out and put the fun back into wedding planning.



From Ring To Veil

Sadly Shannon and Kim decided that since they are no longer in the wedding business that it would be best to wrap up From Ring to Veil. The show will still be available and you can listen to all 210 episodes but they will no longer be releasing new episodes. The Facebook group will continue as well as the website. They will still respond to questions asked in the group, so please feel free to reach out there, it’s really great wedding planning material.

The Final Episode – Episode #210

Now You’re Engaged

The Now You’re Engaged Podcast is hosted by filmmaker & wedding professional Kenny Hopkins. Having been involved in the wedding industry since 2012, Kenny decided to launch his own company in 2016 to create unique wedding films for inspiring couples.


KENNY HOPKINS | Now You’re Engaged

As his business grew he saw a need for an educational resource to help couples become acquainted with high end professionals in an informal way to get the highest quality advice & information needed to navigate all that comes with being engaged.


Do not waste any more time, let’s listen to all these podcasts to plan a dream wedding. Are you already subscribed to other podcasts? Tell us what your favorites are!

Cover image by: David’s Bridal