Totally Unique Engagement Rings That Will Make Your Girlfriends Soooo Jealous – Part 1

Looking for totally unique engagement rings that will make your girlfriends soooo jealous?

Even if your tastes and style are unconventional and you prefer something other than the traditional diamond engagement ring. there are many dazzling non-diamond engagement rings available that sparkle just as bright as diamonds, as well as other distinctively stylish and unique engagement rings.

Your style may have you choosing one of the newest trend of bold and colorful engagement rings, such as the ones which have been embraced by Hollywood celebrity brides  such as Reese Witherspoon (pink diamond), Beyoncé (yellow diamond), and Jessica Simpson (ruby). Or you can consider a custom engagement ring, one of these stunning celebrity halo engagement ringsor one of these 4 engagement rings that will stand out in a pack of diamond solitaires

To help you with your engagement ring search, be sure to check out our Handy Engagement Ring Guide Infographic.

18k White Gold, Emerald and Sapphire Engagement Ring


18k White Gold, Emerald and Sapphire Ring