Tuck the Tux Away: Casual Groom Styles Are In!

Let’s face it, grooms pretty much get the short end of the stick when it comes to their wedding attire and wedding day look.

With almost all of the attention focusing first on the bride’s engagement ring then at the wedding focusing on her wedding dress and her wedding hairstyle, the wedding attire for most grooms is an after-thought, if not totally ignored. Other than a few articles about bow ties for grooms or wedding boutonnieres for groomsthere is not much on the web about wedding attire for grooms.

With many brides foregoing the traditional white wedding dress and, instead, wearing chic bridal jumpsuitswhite wedding pant suitsand wedding day rompers and pantsit is certainly time for grooms to be able to forego the traditional tuxedo and choose a more relaxed, non-traditional wedding look as well, as we featured in This Groom Will Wear The Comfiest Tux Ever where the groom wore a “tuxedo” designed for him by a yoga and athletic apparel company.

So have your groom tuck the tux away and check out these casual groom styles, reblogged from theknot: 

Put that tux back in the closet! With couples taking a more laid-back approach to their weddings, lavish duds are taking a backseat to more casual looks (think: faded Levi’s, brightly colored corduroys and suspenders). We love this idea for a casual backyard affair, a rustic country celebration or a cool urban soiree at an historic industrial space. The key to pulling off this look? Keeping it polished. That means sneakers are definitely out — go for a nice pair of oxfords or brogues instead — and shirt tails should be smartly tucked in. Add a tie, vest or blazer to pull it all together (we promise they’ll win you some extra style points!). Don’t forget — balancing out your outfit is crucial. The last thing you want is to look sloppy, this is a pretty monumental moment after all. If you plan on rocking denim, make sure you dress it up with more put-together details.

Love the  idea? Check out some of our favorite casual grooms and groomsmen below!

casual groom and groomsmen look Mismatched Groomsmen

Casual Groom Styles
ring bearer and flower girl
Casual Groomsmen
Tuck the Tux Away: Casual Groom Styles Are In!
Tuck the Tux Away: Casual Groom Styles Are In!

Denim Groomsmen Look bright casual groomsmen


1. Cool black denim and crisp white shirts

Photo: Gregory Woodman Photography, From the album: A Casual Outdoor Wedding at Villa San Pasqual in Escondido, California

2. Classic trousers, vests and dress shirts with a mismatched twist

Photo: Jen Fariello Photography, From the album: A Fiesta-Style Wedding in Scottsville, Virginia

3. Denim, bow ties and suspenders

Photo: Q Weddings, From the album: A Bohemian Chic Wedding in Austin, TX

4. & 5. Classic denim and tweed vests

Photo: Connection Photography, From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Adolph, West Virginia

6. Colorful corduroys and tweed jackets

Photo: Redfield Photography, From the album: A Whimsical Woodsy Wedding at Camp Mack in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania

7. Simple gray trousers and white button-down shirts

Photo: Christianne Taylor Weddings, From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Hempstead, Texas

8. Chambray shirts and black trousers

Photo: Matt Lien Photography, From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Big Lake, Minnesota

9. Checked mint shirts and gray trousers

Photo: Lauren Fair Photography, From the album: A Rustic Barn Wedding at Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania