Sweet Ideas for a Twin Baby Shower!

If on the way of your pregnancy you found out that the package came double, it’s time that you go preparing the events for two that you must plan and even the jokes that may arise. You may keep it a secret for your guests and so on the day of your twin baby shower you reveal the surprise of the double blessing. Don’t you love it?

We have found some super cute ideas with which you can collect a little inspiration to make your twin baby shower under a theme and unique colors. Check them out and don’t forget to visit our online shop shop.crazyforus.com where you can find amazing useful pieces for your baby shower at great prices and that you can order from your home.

We love it because it maintains the independent style in each baby’s cake that is connected by a beautiful cake topper -important detail-
It is an idea to consider if your blessings are of the same sex because that would not go unnoticed as the celebration of a single baby.


If you want to keep the celebration without a gender specification, this can be a very good way. You can complement all the decoration with many of the elements that we have in our online store under the same line of little peanuts. This is a more complete line that includes up to little peanut favors!

Just like an elephant is the star of the show at the circus, Kate Aspen’s Little Peanut ceramic elephant salt and pepper shakers will be the star of the show at your little peanut baby shower! Your guests will sport the same smiling faces you see on the shakers when they open up their goody bags and see this adorably unique circus party favor.

Baby on Board Under a Baby Elephant Theme, Why Not?
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Double baby, double celebration. Print that double meaning to everything even on the cake! You can plan a cake that is double-filled or double-flavored so that your guests remember forever the double celebration.

Sweet Ideas for a Twin Baby Shower
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· “Two peas in a pod”
This theme is super cute and although we only show you this idea of personalized cookies, remember that you can extend it in both the cake and the decoration. It is a more innocent way of saying that the blessing came by two.

Sweet Ideas for a Twin Baby Shower
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