The Ultimate Guide for Boho Chic Style – Part 1

Today we present Part 1 of the ultimate guide for this boho chic or hippie style, from Glam Radar:  

The era of peace and love in the 1960s gave birth to a fashion trend that is still popular nowadays.

Though hippies were known for wearing handmade designs, many designers in our times have created collections featuring loose-fitting maxi dresses or retro floral accents that reflect the style of the past. For the modern woman, boho-chic is the latest incarnation of hippie clothes. So, keep on reading for the ultimate guide for hippie style whether you wish them traditionally or modernly.

Start incorporating hippie accessories to your look.

hippie belt with dress hippie outfit with tribal necklace

hippie outfit with hat and fringed bag hippie jeadband with tribal print skirt

traditional ankles

For a traditional hippie look, you may opt for toe rings, ankle bracelets, beaded necklaces, daisy chains, and even turbans that can add some carefree vibe to your outfit. For a modern bohemian look, women can combine traditional hippie accents with modern accessories. Some of the bohemian accessories that you can wear with your chicer outfits are flat sandals, dangle earrings, large hat with a floppy brim, and such. Keep in mind that the true hippie look involves little or no makeup to maintain the natural theme while hair is generally long and flowing, with straight or curly locks.

Opt for hippie fabrics and details to complete your statement.

free flowing kimono with hippie outfit star print kimono with little black dres lace top with casual outfit hippie dress with hat fringed suede vest

Hippie women generally wore clothing made from natural fibers in loose and natural designs as the unfussy style was a pull towards freedom and a return to nature. The most common style of dress associated with the hippie look is the maxi dresses and skirts, as well as free-flowing kimono and cardigans. To get that hippie style, resort to handmade pieces made by woven techniques, such as macramé, knitting, and crochet. You may also go for a straight, loose fit, or an A-line cut on your dresses. Also, you may go for a kaftan that’s essentially a large rectangular piece of fabric sewn at the sides with holes for the neck and arms. For a flattering modern take, women can wear a tunic with a belt.