Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love

Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons for a wedding and it is impossible not to fall in love in a fall sunset.

Ideal for an outdoor wedding and a photo shoot in a maple’s forest, your fall wedding has to be unforgettable, and what better way for your guests to never forget your special day, than with exquisite fall wedding favors? Sometimes it is that little detail, the one we forgot about when planning, and it is normal, planning a wedding can be stressful and involves different tasks, some more complex than others and some that make us feel more excited, but all of them equally important.

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Usually wedding favors are gifted at the end of the wedding party to those closest friends and family members who joined us to celebrate our special day, and if you do not want your wedding favors to end at the corner of a bookcase collecting dust, it is better that you check our selection of Unique Fall Wedding Favors, your guests will really love!

Honey Bee

Nothing sweeter than some mini honey jars. Contact your local supplier and try a couple of custom made blends, to give your guests a piece of you. Personalize the containers with special labels for your wedding with your names and the date on it. You will see that they will not only enjoy the honey but they will even reuse the glass container.

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love1


Red Red Wine!

After a good party, sometimes want a little more the next day and a bottle of wine with a little more of the party is the best you can offer your guests. Give that personal touch with some fun tags.


Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love2

After a fall wedding, you can only wait for the Thanksgiving family celebration, some delicate wine glasses will be a success with your family.

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love3


Kiss Me

Not all your guests may want a picture of you on your wedding day, but why don’t you install a photo booth and give your guests a rustic photo frame so they can have a souvenir of their craziest faces on your wedding day. Personalized, original and very fun.


Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love4

The Perfect Blend

The perfect mix, whether you are a lover of coffee beans or natural infusions, to create a special blend with your favorite flavors is to share a part of yourself with those you love most. Pack it in some beautiful custom jute bags that everyone will love.

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love8


Light Me Up

Beautiful candlesticks to light your path will be the ideal wedding favor for your fall wedding! Choose terracotta colors and add aromatic candles to give them that special touch.

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love9


Under The Stars

What can be more useful than custom cup coasters? And we are not talking about choosing colors or putting a nice phrase on it, but the constellations that you can see at night, right at your wedding location, on your wedding day? A special detail to share with your loved ones!

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love10


Trick Or Treat

A fall wedding, with some light touches of Halloween. Delicious candy sweets with a spooky flavor to create an atmosphere with your guests with a fun and original little memory.

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love5


Happy Halloween

A bottle opener is something you never find when you really need it, they are never at hand. Help your friends with this fun and practical Halloween bottle opener, so that at these parties you can enjoy your favorite beers!

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love6


Can you?

Finally, but always talking about beers, what do you think about giving some fun canned glasses? Your guests will love this detail, which they can use every day, and at the same time remember how of a good time they had at your wedding. A wedding memory that will hardly end at the bottom of the cupboard.

Unique Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Love7

Choosing your wedding memories does not have to be a difficult or boring task. Read our articles so you can find the best ideas to plan your wedding and events!


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