Unique Wedding Signs That Will Spice Up Your Wedding – Part 6


This is Part 6 of “Unique Wedding Signs That Will Spice Up Your Wedding”.

A great way to personalize and distinguish your wedding is by selecting unique wedding signs that will spice up your wedding.

Whether it’s a sign welcoming guests to your wedding celebration, a sign helping them find their seats, or a sign directing them to where your drinks are being served, a unique wedding sign is one of the best ways to convey your personal style and wedding theme to your wedding guests.

Here are a few more unique weddings signs that will help to spice up your wedding:

Encourage them to drink (at your own risk).


Or perhaps bourbon is more your speed….


And even if they drink a little too much, let them know you still love them.


Use your signs to create incredibly memorable photo opportunities.




And finally, for the after party…

Infinitely better than “Do Not Disturb.”

Images via BuzzFeed